I'm installing SLES11sp1-x86_64 together with OES11 using pxe boot and AutoYast. I've enabled VNC (specified in the menu selection of the .../pxelinux.cfg/default file) for the installation and VNC works fine until the final reboot of the system. Checking via YaST at that point I find that Remote Administration via VNC is disabled and of course I can enable it and it works fine. But I need to build about 50 identical physical servers using this procedure and I'd rather not have this added manual step of enabling VNC.

I though I had simply failed to enable this feature during the initial server build where the autoinst.xml file was created so I went back to that server and ran the AutoInstallation configuration tool. But I don't see a Module under the NetWork Services group for "Remote Administration (VNC)".

Does anyone know if it's possible to manually add this feature to the autoinst.xml file and, if so, the syntax of such an entry? Or if a script can be included in the autoinst.xml file for enabling VNC?