On Wed 15 Jul 2015 08:24:02 AM CDT, joerrens wrote:

I don't now when it happend (i was some month not at work), but it seems
that an update on the SLES 11 SP3, where our OBS Server runs, changed
something that the OBS Server now can't
build rpm-packages. These rpm-packeges are for SUSE and RedHat and the
distro switch dosen't work.
Example part from spec-file:

%if 0%{?suse_version} <= 1110Requires: pwdutils
%if 0%{?suse_version} >= 1315
Requires: shadow
%if 0%{?rhel_version}
Requires: shadow-utils

The RedHat dosen*t start the building with the message: "nothing
provides pwdutils", SLES 12 start bulding but fails right after start
with the only message: "getbinaries: missing packages: pwdutils".
Only SLES 11 bulding works...... The .spec-fils didn't change since last
year, where these packages wher succesfully build..... And till now i
don't know where do i search....

OS: SLES 11 SP3, with latest patches
OBS: 2.6.2-1.3

I see you also posted in the OBS part of the openSUSE forum which is
the correct place for you query.

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