Hello all,

my first post in the forums, I hope this is the right section for the post. I come from a different background (mainly Solaris and Red Hat) and trying to move first steps in the Suse world, so far so good but I've a problem that I'm unable to solve.

As per title we are deploying some SLES machines via PXE and autoyast configuration files, as these servers are equipped with multiple network cards with different manufacturer/speed/specs I would need to define the network card name in a predictable way so reading around I've found this article which explains how to do this via udev rules but whatver I try to implement it I get a segmentation fault after the first reboot and the auconfiguration is not completed leaving me with a server I cannot even access as all passwords/users are managed through post-install scripts. If this makes any difference I also configure bond networks via autoyast, below the interesting bits of my configuration :

<bonding_module_opts>mode=active-backup miimon=100</bonding_module_opts>

This works like a charm but if I add the following code to control the udev rules the machine segfaults and does not complete correctly :

<interfaces config:type="list">
<net-udev config:type="list">

As you can see I do this using the bus system ID of the network card and not the mac address, so not sure if this is causing the problem or makes anything different.

Any idea or pointer? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!