Hi Forum Users,

My System is a physical Server with Suse Enterprise Server, and a virtual Machine with a Ubuntu Server.

I have a successfully ICMP signal which forwarding in my virtual machine in the config below. A few minutes later the same configuration doesn't work.

my config about my Problem is following:


pyhsical machine: eth1; > virtual bridge: br0, > virtual nic: vnet1 (subnet 1)

this going to transfer in eth0 in the virtual machine


eth1 in the virtual machine

then through ; virtual nic: vnet0; > virtual bridge: br1; > physical machine: eth0 (subnet2)


I explain:

When I use following command:
ping -I 192.168.2.x  192.168.178.y
I ping from one bridge to the other one. It's work and it's FORWARDING.

But now it's away again.

I don't no why?

Now I can ping from br0 to br1 without it recognized from my forwarding iptable rule in my virtual machine. And both br0 and br1 are in different subnets.

I have no forwarding active in my physical server.

My bridges and nics (virtual and physical) are up. My bridges consist of both nics. I have STP enabled. My iptables in the SLES are empty.

About my routes I'm not so sure, but between the success and the fail (and this more times) I didn't change anything.

Thank you for reading,