I've got several systems (these are very much world-wide distributed) and I need to register them.
I can use SMT server as a central "proxy for these", I've done SMT server setup and can see this in SCC, however this is my question:
I've got severall different licences for different projects. For example:
EMEA SLES x86-64 1-2 Sockets with Unlimited VM, Standard Subscription
EMEA SLES x86-64 1-2 Sockets or 1-2 VM, Standard Subscription
And I need to register different systems using different licences, how I can do this?
On what stage I'm able to choose the right one? Or when I use SMT I will use the same Lic. as a SMT registered?

Sorry, but I cannot find any find of that information in manuals or in the internet.