Does anyone have any more documentation for configuring the SMT to use staging repos? Section 4.3 of the Subscription Management Tool Guide provides 2 pages but doesn't elaborate on how to allow certain patches in test and others in production. It also doesn't go into any detail on how to configure clients to talk to either test or production repos.

For example, what I would like to do is patch my test servers against the most recent patches available on Sunday and then patch my production servers against the same repo the next Sunday. If needed I'd like to be able to *exclude* patches that may have cause a problem during that week of testing. I thought it would work something like this...

1) Toggle staging on for the repo I'm patching against
2) Create a snapshot from full mirror to testing
3) Have all patches available and patch the test servers against the testing snapshot
4) Uncheck problem patches from test and then mirror that to production
5) Patch prod servers against that snapshot repo

I'm guessing this is not how it works since I've been unable to get this to work. Any pointers, assistance or further documentation would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!