A friend told me "You can download SLED 11.1 for free and run it as long
as you don't care about support." And after downloading an eval copy
yesterday it seems this is -technically- possible (in that you can
install without an activation code and you just don't have access to the
repos or customer service). But I was wondering if this was in violation
of the software license agreement. From my read of the install
agreement, one needs a license for every copy of SLED they're running,
whether or not they want support/updates. So, is it allowed to run SLED
without repo access, or would that constitute piracy (as not all
components are OSS)? What about a lapsed support contract? Could one pay
$50 and use SLED for a few years before renewing the support contract?
Obviously both of these appear technically possible, but I'm wondering
if these scenarios are allowed by the license.

Finally, I can't seem to find information about the duration of
support/updates. A RHEL install appears to be supported upwards of 10
years, depending on the support contract purchased. If I install SLED
11.1 now and pay $50 annually, how long before I'm required to update to
11.2? Or rather, how long before the 11.1 security updates and software
repos are turned off?

Apologies if this is the wrong forum. None of the sub-forums looked to
be a good fit for non-technical questions.

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