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> > > Finally, I can't seem to find information about the duration of
> > > support/updates. A RHEL install appears to be supported upwards
> > > of 10 years, depending on the support contract purchased. If I
> > > install SLED 11.1 now and pay $50 annually, how long before I'm
> > > required to update to 11.2? Or rather, how long before the 11.1
> > > security updates and software repos are turned off?
> > >

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> > When you pay for the basic support, you can upgrade at anytime to
> > the next release(s) as long as you have an active license.
> >
> > The lifetime is here (Just enter SuSE Linux and wait for the
> > listing); 'Novell Support | Support Lifecycle'
> > (http://support.novell.com/lifecycle/)

> Thanks for that, Malcom! For those coming later via search engines, I
> also found 'SUSE Long Term Support Pack'
> (http://www.suse.com/support/programs...k-support.html)
> page. It looks like you're "encouraged to" upgrade to new service
> packs within 6mo of their release, so the date on the lifecycle page
> labelled end of life is for the latest service pack in a series only
> (ie, 31 July 2016 for SLED 10.4, not for SLED 10.3, 10.1, etc). But
> if you need a specific service pack for longer (eg: 10.1), you can
> get Long Term Support Packs for up to 5 years in 1yr increments. The
> lifecycle page lists when service packs were released, so you can
> calculate off of that.

Correct, encouraged AFAIK you just don't upgrade (move to next SP
patch) and you will continue to get updates in the relevant channel as
long as you have a valid subscription.

I'm just a home user and I've been running SLED since 2006 buying the 3
year license which the first time was US$75.00 the last one was US$105
so for me only US$30/year I did also purchase the fluendo codec
bundle, but now packman is online for SLE or follow user mikewillie's
Cool Solution multimedia can be fairly painless.

I do run SLED on this desktop, but spend most of my time in GNOME 3.0
on openSUSE. SLED also runs on my ASUS 1000HE netbook and it works
flawlessly I also run a SLES11 SP1 server on a small system running
a VIA C7 cpu which is my web, ifolder and media server.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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