This is my first post on this forum so please, if I don't follow the guidelines as wanted... Let me know! side-note: My Linux experience is rather outdated since the last couple of years I worked mainly on M$ OS's.

The issue. I need hyper-v modules:

A client I am working for had this server (SLES 11 SP3 kernel 3.0.101-0.47.52-default) setup in a VMware environment. They now are migrating to Hyper-V on W2k12 R2.

For as far my knowledge reaches I cannot find the LIS hyper-v modules.

Can anyone point me in the direction where:
* I should find these module in the OS (searched /etc/init.d/ but nothing there)
* If these are not installed, where I could find these modules?

Also checked in Yast but nothing comes out.

Already adjusted the kernel since I was in the assumption that they would be installed and just needed to load but that does not seems to be the case.

I am following these steps for getting SLES running on Hyper-V;

Kind regards and thanks in advance for helping me out.