Hello, I'm having problems with my guest servers. I can't find any error messages, but every morning when I come in, I have to shutdown, FORCE OFF, the server and turn it back on. It just seems to stop at some point over night. We have our own software installed and it does updates during the time. After we do a restart in the morning and do the updates per hand, it works fine. My development section also can't find any error messages. The server just seems to hang. Acording to yast, the cpu is under 100% load. At this point I can't login or anything else, just turn off.

The host and guest Server have been runing since middle of May. On the 23rd of July, the Network Section installed new Switches. On the 30th of July, this problem started. So naturally it's my problem. And since ther are error messages it's hard to locate.

Host Server is a Fujitsu TX2540-M1 with SLES 11 SP3, kernel 3.0.101-0.35-default, using KVM 1.4.1-0.11.1.
C600/X79 series chipset, I210 Gigabit Network Connection

Guest Server:
opensuse 11.2, Kernel
Memory: 3072
Processors: 2
Graphics Adapter: Cirrus Logic GD5446 VGA
Key Map: de
Sound: none
Source Path: /KVM/STAMMDATEN/disk0.raw
Storage 1: 17 GB
Partition 1: /boot 78 MB
Partition 2: swap 2 GB
Partition 3: / rest(15 GB)
Storage 2: 13 GB
Partition 1: /usr/bbx 13 GB
Storage 3: 20 GB
Partition 1: /home/samba 20 GB
Network Type: Fully Virtualized realtek8139, (was QEMU Virtualized NIC Card, I changed to see if it would help)
Source: br0

Thanks for any help or info.