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Thread: ILO 4 vs library rpm ---- rpmlib(filedigests) ----

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    ILO 4 vs library rpm ---- rpmlib(filedigests) ----

    Hello friends

    I have a problem looking for a library RPM package called "rpmlib".
    This library has a dependency that is called "FileDigests". I need to activate the Healt System Service - ILO 4- of my ProLiant Gen8 ML350p
    Server runs with SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.0

    Here are the versions:
    Can you tell me which version do you recommend?

    How is it installed?
    They could tell me step by step. I have never installed a library.
    It is dangerous? Can the system be damaged?
    What recommendations do you give me?

    Thank you.

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  3. Re: ILO 4 vs library rpm ---- rpmlib(filedigests) ----

    Hi informatica,

    messing with RPM libraries may easily get you into trouble, I generally do not recommend it.

    I don not yet understand what you're after, IOW, what other error situation you're trying to work around by installing "rpmlib". I suppose you have some error message when trying to install ILO4?

    As you probably know, SLES11SP0 is fairly old - even if there are libraries actually missing in that old release, you might be easier off by installing a more recent (nd supported) version of SLES, i.e. SLES11SP4.

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    Re: ILO 4 vs library rpm ---- rpmlib(filedigests) ----

    Thanks for the reply. Excuse the delay.

    I will follow your advice, I will contact a technician to solve my problem.
    Thank you


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