I have just installed a SLES11SP4 server after a very frustrating episode with SLES12. It was a clean install, and I have used YAST to set up the firewall. I now get a number of warning messages every time I boot the system (Warning: The state match is obsolete, Use conntrack instead). I have always used YAST to set up the firewall, and have never had this problem until now. Anyone got any ideas how to resolve this issue as I assumed that YAST would not contribute to such issues.

Also, I had a redundant network card in the server, which I physically removed, hoping this might help out the situation. I now have a situation where this card is not now visible to the system, but still appears in the YAST firewall configuration as an available interface. I have noticed this in the past, and it has not caused any problems, but someone may know how to remove this card from the firewall settings.

Many thanks,