Hi guys,

I was trying to update an SLES SP1, it was never updated since 2010, (just a zypper update) and something went really bad and i really don't know what it is.
Some packages may have broken during the update and I just can't get access to root anymore (i keep receiving the message login incorrect) but i am using the right password and the GUI also does not load anymore (direct access).
I can get access my personal account but sudo does not work so i can't do anything useful with my normal user access.

I tried to go to single-user mode to change root password but the problem persists, even the new root password does not work (direct access and ssh)

My boss just lost the original SLES SP1 DVD (in fact, he lost the WHOLE box of the server, so i don't have access to any manual or anything) that came with the SGI rackable h2106-g7 (our server) so i can't use the DVD to do a boot and an automatic repair. The problem gets worse when i just can't find a SLES SP1 trial version for download and use it to try an automatic repair (i can find SP2,SP3 and SP4 here )

I don't know if this is related to the problem but a couple days ago I have added the openSUSE oss Repo to the YAST to get packages like nano,gfortran and nco (netCDF stuff).

I really don't know what to do. Please guys help me