On 14/09/2015 12:24, buzz wrote:

> I just wanted to know if *apache2.0.64w* is still supported by SLES11
> SP2 .
> I couldnt find anythig regading apache2.0x in the documentation of
> SLES11 SP2.
> The Reason why i ask is:
> We have upgraded our *SLES11 SP1 to SP2* and now experiencing *high
> IOWAIT * with processes belong to apache2.0.64w .
> I would appreciate if someone could give me an answer on this issue.

Both SLES11 SP1 and SP2 include Apache 2.2.x not 2.0.x. Are you sure you
have/had Apache 2.0.64w? Please can you post the output from the
following commands:

* cat /etc/*release
* rpm -qa apache*

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