The VNC server service is started within Yast at the RemoteAdministrator (VNC). This works fine until I start a session from the command line.
The VNC server started from Yast is at console :1 and I will start a VNCSERVER at console :4. I am able to connect to the console :4 but I can not
connect to the console :1. I either obtain a black screen or the session immediately gracefully closes after logging in. I would expect there to be no interference and be able to connect to both sessions.
Another odd behavior is when I have a session at console :1 then start the vncserver from the command line to console :4 with the -autokill option. I am able to start a session at console :4 but log out fails.
Any insight as to why these different invocations of the vncserver would cause interference between different console sessions?