Hi to all,
I am a new user from suse manager.
I did register an instance on ssm and subscribed it to a channel.
I created a script which schedule a reboot action for a bunch of server, but I noticed that the action doesn't perform at the time that I set up.
I noticed that the scheduleReboot operations, occurs almost five hours later since my scheduled time.
Here there is an example.
I set up the scheduleReboot at 9/26/15 4:31:00 PM BST ,
but the in Completed System tab on ssm it said that it completed at 9/26/15 8:37:58 PM BST
And also other systems, which have had the schedulereboot action setup runs almost 4/5 hours later.
Can somebody explain me if this is the correct behaviour from ssm or there is something which I am missing???