Hello Forum Users,

I have a problem with a Raid 1 configuration with SLES 12.

I installed two FAT Partitions with EFI beyond the Raid1.

The System boot succesfully from one disk.

Then I have copied the sda1 Partition (FAT for UEFI) to sdb1 (FAT for UEFI).

Now I will create a entrie with „efibootmgr“.

My first question is: Have I use for the efibootmgr command „--disk“ the partition from which the system is not booting?

And second what path, the option „--loader“ by the efibootmgr command, is expected?

I have read two HowTo's:

The first path is:

The second path is:

and in my System (SLES12) both path exists.

Thank you,