Hi first let me start by saying that i'm brand new to SUSE. I have a little Linux experience, but not much.

I have a Dell machine with 1(250gb for O/S) and 3(2TB for RAID5) configured. I setup the 3 x 2tb in a RAID 5 array and formatted it with XFS. I then setup a volume group for the RAID5, then setup a volume. I have enabled the SUSE server as an ISCSI Target and tried to advertise (the array) /dev/md0 out as a LUN.

My ESX server is the ISCSI initiator, and its able to find the SUSE iscsi target, but for some reason the ESX Host simply cannot detect the soft RAID array. I've made sure the firewall is off and that the two devices can ping each other. In OpenFiler there was an option for ISCSI when I created the soft RAID, but I don't see that as an option in SUSE. I've tried multiple times with EXT3, XFS and unformulated, but the ESX Host 5.5 cannot see the Array. Am I missing something?