as you know, i am using sled11sp4 and using at this point, firefox 38.2.1 esr with a 3-year subscription.

bad news is, that my bank has updated their webpage and now it's blocking me from performing basic financial transactions unless i upgrade my browser.
i use my linux laptop 99.5% of my time, i only dual boot to windblows 7 just to let it download updates/patches and antivirus definitions. so i dual booted and then updated firefox to version 41, went to the bank page and then everything worked properly.

so i have a question: i read on this forum that firefox esr versions are upgraded every year... are we going to receive this update shortly?
or, do you recommend installing the newest firefox on my own?
if that is so, how do i do it? is there a sled11sp4 rpm for it? can you provide a step-by-step way to do it without breaking the system?

i don't want to dual boot to win7 just to perform personal financial transactions under that risky OS, while i had the linux security + vpn watching my back with confidence.

thanks for reading & your comments are highly appreciated.
warm regards.