On 10/14/2015 01:24 PM, AlTosterino wrote:
> I have problem, I just started with servers, so I don't have a lot of
> experience and I have problem which I can't solve myself.

Thank-you for sharing your experience; it will hopefully help by giving
appropriate answers.

> Important: I'm doing everything on virtual machines: VMware Workstation
> 12 Player !

Should be fine; may want to try with other technologies in case nothing
else works out, like using Virt Manager for KVM-based VMs, or VirtualBox
for others.

> I have running DHCP server on openSUSE Linux Enterprise 11, which is

There is no such thing as openSUSE Linux Enterprise 11. I presume you are
running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11. openSUSE is the name for
the community version of the distribution, and it is currently at version
13.2 so the opensUSE 11.x stuff is really old, where SLES 11 is still

> configured to give everyone IP from to
> Server is running good, DHCP have the same IP of SUSE Linux.
> Network Card in my settings of Virtual Machine I have configured to NAT,
> and it's eth0 card. (DHCP is also working on eth0 card)
> I installed Debian 8.2 on another Virtual Machine, and I'm trying to set
> it up so that SUSE can assign IP from xxx.xxx.xxx.20 to xxx.xxx.xxx.100
> Well, unfortunately, for now I'm stuck. Debian always gets the same IP
> adress from DHCP server others than mine. Debian also has NAT and eth0
> card.

From which DHCP server? If your host SLES system is running one, do you
mean it is running the one that comes with SLES (dhcpd) or the one that
comes from your VMware software? This may be the heart of the problem.

> Debian has dhcp-client package, and after configured it, system gets the
> same IP adress...
> Debian gets

This may be in the range auto-allocated for NAT by VMware. If you do not
want to use VMware's DHCP feature, disable it in your network settings
(assuming possible with VMware Player).

> Once I managed to somehow "fix" DHCP client on Debian, and got first
> adress from the pool (
> I don't know how I managed to "fix" it, but I wrote the following
> commands:
> - dhclient eth0
> - ifup eth0
> - ifdown eth0
> - ifup eth0
> Then I realized, that my Debian got IP adress from my DHCP Server !
> Unfortunately, I've done that just for one time.
> What am I doing wrong?

I'm guessing you have two DHCP services, perhaps because you did not know
that VMware setup a DHCP service for you. If it did, then disable it and
your SLES one sounds like it will already work as soon as you get past the
timing issue that makes getting an IP from VMware or from SLES all about
luck of the draw.

> P.S: Sorry for my english, I'm not native speaker in that language.

You're doing very well despite that.

Good luck.

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