How do I get a support contact?

Situation: I have a PoC installation in a closed environment, so no download from the internet possible, I need a package (patch) that's missing on the original ISO image, but the download is restricted (at least for my user). I am not familiar with subscription rules etc, I have a user on the novell network, I have access to hundreds of registration keys for our company, but cannot download that one patch (https://download.suse.com/Download?b...=pGcQoA0K6jQ~#) - I guess it's a permission issue with my user, so I need someone supporting me/us to a least figure out what or how to fix that!

How do I do this? every search leads me to either suse or novell sites (never knowing why to which), contact info https://www.suse.com/ContactsOffices...ts_offices.jsp seems wrong (numbers don't exist? are these US number? no international prefix!), send a request by form last week and got no answer whatsoever until now.

any help appreciated, I'm getting a little desperate (and annoyed)