I have a big 2 problems.

First is X Server problem:

"Your computer does not fulfill all requirements for a graphical installation.There is less than 96MB memory or the X server could not be started. As a fallback, the text front-end of YaST will guide you through the installation.This front-end offers the same functionality as the graphical one, but the screens differ from those in the manual."

And I know about this article: https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=3196711

But this is not work.

Second problem that, when I install SLED (12) in another machine (Lenovo notebook), I install OS to creale hard drive. Installed ok. But when system restarted for open I get this error:

"Started update cron periods from /etc/sysconfig/btrfsmaintance....8.-99d686bbd7ae....evice.." - and system freeze in this stage.

When I start system from SafeMode OS open. In normally start I get this freeze.

And you called SLED commercial OS?! How can I fix this problems?

P.S I try run OS install none-UEFI mode, and in this regime I got error: "Starting udev..." and freeze again.