This is

a) a test to see how quickly Shaun will be ensnared by my ending that
question with a preposition

b) serious. I have to come up with a "vetting process" by which to
select the vendor who will take over my job. I have never done anything
like this before and don't really know where to begin (aside from
listing free-association questions like "will you take care of the mac
users, too?")

Any helpful suggestions are much appreciated. Yes, I know #1: dust off
the resume. But if any of you have had to do this, your insight
will be particularly valuable.

PHB sat through conferences with six candidates - I assumed he already
had this process in his mind and was taking notes. Maybe he was, and
this is just a sadistic game. One doesn't really know.

Anyway. Hi everyone! And thanks for any thoughts you'd care to share.