update #4
for some reason unknown to me, the system on its own updated all patches (with only one exception, the kernel source update) and again the laptop could not execute the suspend/resume process.

since it is such a hassle to reinstall, i decided to check one by one (by downgrading, restarting, testing suspend/resume, checking package, upgrading, restart & try again) what package from my previous post is the one conflicting with the suspend/resume activity.

after a couple of hours of trial & error, i have found out that the xorg updates are the ones breaking my system:
  • xorg-x11-driver-input
  • xorg-x11-driver-video
  • xorg-x11-libX11
  • xorg-x11-server
  • xorg-x11-server-extra

i already prevented yast from updating these by right-clicking each package and selecting "LOCK", and now these packages are shown in yast in a grayed-out pattern.
now, when using the update applet, the applet/yast shows a bunch of errors about being unable to patch these files.

that is good news. i now have a working system once again!!