I have done some testing/tuning outside of BackupExec, on both the Linux and Windows side.

I didn't copy out my numbers or anything but I did extensive testing using IOMeter, iPerf/jPerf, and timed copies (time cp ). Those types of tests show me getting 7-9Gb a sec throughput, so on the network side I'm fairly pleased with the results. It's possible that it's purely a backup issue, I'll need to go back and check my TSA numbers and tests.

One other thought I just had, is that the other boxes we're backing up have mostly static data, with not many changes being made. The SLES boxes are running OES as our main file server, so it has many changes made throughout the day. We're backing up to disk using deduplication, so I wonder if the whole BackupExec dedup process is really what's slowing the system down, and not the wire speed of the transfer.

I just wanted to throw the question out here to see if anyone using 10GBe knew if there were tuning tweaks that could be made or if the defaults were good enough as is.