Hello! I am an amateur Linux/OpenSuse user. I took a class on Fortran
last semester that included teaching in OpenSuse. I was eager to learn
more about this operating system and thus decided to partition my hard
drive and begin using Linux at home. My question right now is where is
the geeko/green lizard icon? I have opensuse 13.2 and KDE plasma
downloaded. Is there any way to download some package that allows me to
customize my desktop so I have the comforting green geeko as my icon for
the "start" button instead of the K with a gear around it? I managed to
find a website called kde-look.org and found a downloadable icon that
looks roughly similar to the green lizard. I do not know what to do from
here though? Help would be greatly appreciated.

Long story short:
new user
running kde plasma on opensuse 13.2
want the green lizard icon back
how to get it back

Thank you!!

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