Hi *,

this year's SUSECon (a first to me) was great - lots of content, lots of ideas, many very interesting folks to meet, in an awesome location.

The downside of having so many interesting persons around was on one hand a specific lack of time (could we make that an all month event? ), and some common channel to solicit one-on-one meetings. I had a really hard time locating the persons I needed to speak to, because of course everyone (including me) was either at an own booth, somebody else's booth, in session or in between.

I'd really like to see an enhancement to the SUSECon app, allowing me to send "meeting requests" to the speakers / partner representatives / persons I know by name, and to receive such invitations and add them to my schedule.

Of course, having a live chat feature would have been great, too, but maybe that's asking for too much