Simon Flood wrote on Mittwoch, 25. November 2015 16:28 in :

> On 25/11/2015 14:23, Bernd wrote:
>> Yepp, tested. But this makes no difference. Same behavior. But wait now
>> 30 seconds for DHCP ... :-\

> Hmm.
>> Are there more bootoptions? Like use only IPv4 or similar?

> Yes:
> ipv4only=1 # enable only IPv4 during installation
> ipv6only=1 # enable only IPv6 during installation
> ipv4=[1|0] # enable/disable IPv4
> ipv6=[1|0] # enable/disable IPv6
> You can combine one of the first two with one of the last two - for
> installs using private IP addresses I use "ipv4only=1 ipv6=0" to not use
> IPv6 during the install or have it configured post-install.


Meanwhile I have the first step done. Use install=http://<myInstallSrv>
hostip=<IP> gateway=<IP> vnc=1 vncpassword=<somePassword>

Connect via VNC; Accept the license; Register the system at scc; let install
updates during installation; check network config; add dns; open ssh-port;
But let the most other selections on default and install; it copies a lot of
Files and I went to an other task ... but now the system is gone :-\
No ping, no vnc, no ssh
Even in the vCenter 'waiting for connection' ...
Ok , next try. This time I choose install Boot-Record in MBR and don't
install updates during installation. ... and it works ... until I run the
updates after the install ... what a hassle ...

SLES11 was a perfekt guest for VMware. But this piece of software ... is not
ready ... it seems that it is bananaware ... :-\