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    Hi Jens,

    thank you very much for your effort.

    Cups (since 1.3.4) does not support iso8859 encodings anymore. So any client needs to be able to send UTF-8-encoded content.
    Before SLES 12 we were using openSuSE 11.1 with cups 1.3.5 and we did not have such problems.

    The SAP System has its own user management and the SAP System is not a unicode system. By submitting a print job via berkeley printing protocol from a user who has umlauts in his username cups dies. I can't imagine that i have to fix something in the SAP System (or in any other non unicode system) in order that the cups daemon won't die again. Without dbus in cups it works.

    I am really sure that this is a bug in cups and has to be fixed. I can't find anything in the documentation that says don't try to print with lpr from a non unicode system, because cups don't support this.

    Perhaps i try to report this issue in bugzilla.

    Kind regards,

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