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Before SLES 12 we were using openSuSE 11.1 with cups 1.3.5 and we did not have such problems.
this got me thinking for a moment, too - but my bet is that your OpenSUSE 11.1 system was set up to use ISO8859-15, rather than UTF-8.

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The SAP System has its own user management and the SAP System is not a unicode system. By submitting a print job via berkeley printing protocol from a user who has umlauts in his username cups dies. I can't imagine that i have to fix something in the SAP System (or in any other non unicode system) in order that the cups daemon won't die again.
From my experience with mixed-encoding environments, I can not only imagine this, but am rather sure that the source of the trouble. Hence my earlier suggestion to talk to SAP as well.

I've not have to deal with SAP yet, but to me its design seems to be rather "MS Windows"-minded. So it wouldn't surprise me that much if is code page handling would suffer from the typical differences.

I've checked the archives and found the following thread from 2010: http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp....general/26873 - Johannes to me is authoritative on the subject...

Since CUPS 1.3.4 only UTF-8 (which includes 7-bit ASCII)
is supported.


The cupsd accepts only UTF-8 encoded data.
Therefore applications communicating with the cupsd
such as printer setup tools or printer dialog tools
do no longer work if neither a plain 7-bit ASCII
nor a UTF-8 locale is used for the user who runs
such applications.

Printing Legacy Encoded Text Files:
The printing system no longer converts legacy encoded
text files such as ISO-8859-1, windows-1252,
and Asian encodings on its own.
Only UTF-8 and thus ASCII is supported.
To print a legacy encoded text file, you must convert it
from its encoding (only you can know it) to the universal
UTF-8 encoding before sending it to the CUPS server.
To print an ISO-8859-1 text file, you may use:
iconv -f iso-8859-1 -t utf-8 filename.txt | lp -d printer
Printing of PDF or PS or graphics files (JPEG, PNG, etc.)
works as before.
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