Novell/SuSE finally published some information about the change to the way Qlogic iscsi is handled, 3 months after SP2 was released . Anyway, If you came looking for help on this, my notes above may be helpful when accompanied with their doc:

How to configure and run QLogic Open-iSCSI on SLES11 SP2


Prior to SLES11 SP2, discovery and login to iSCSI targets was hardware offloaded and managed by the QLogic iSCSI adapter firmware. In SLES11 SP2, the Open-iSCSI infrastructure allows system administrator to manage QLogic iSCSI target discovery and login through QLogic adapter. This provides the system administrator with a uniform and standard way to manage different vendor interfaces.

Open-iSCSI is enabled by default on SLES11 SP2 and login to boot targets is triggered by iscsiadm during installation.
My notes above show you how to offload the iscsi work onto the software (now the default in SP2), but their doc does show how to offload onto hardware (done by default pre-SP2), but I have not tried the latter.