Hi all,

I've got an older SLES10sp4 box that's due to be upgraded to SLES11 next spring but I'm having a weird issue with it right now. I've got certain files in a certain directory that I can't access. Logged in as root, if I do anything such as an ls or ll, I get a response such as this:

gnetdev:/ora/infra/rdbms/mesg # ll
/bin/ls: oraus.msb: Permission denied
/bin/ls: dbvus.msb: Permission denied
/bin/ls: dbvus.msg: Permission denied
/bin/ls: nidus.msb: Permission denied
/bin/ls: nidus.msg: Permission denied
/bin/ls: rmanus.msb: Permission denied
/bin/ls: ulus.msb: Permission denied
/bin/ls: ulus.msg: Permission denied
total 4483
-rw------- 1 oracle oinstall 8704 Jan 14 2004 bbedus.msb
-rw------- 1 oracle oinstall 10270 Jan 7 2004 bbedus.msg
-rw------- 1 oracle oinstall 7168 Jan 14 2004 dgmus.msb

It will list the rest of the files in the directory but the 8 listed at the top are not accessible. I've tried changing rights, ownership, and group of all files in the directory hoping to toggle something but to no effect. If I try to mv the file or rm the file, I also get similar results.

I've never had a file that was not accessible by the root user. Any idea?