Highlander185;2144059 Wrote:
> What is the use of me being a local system admin, if all I (can) do is
> call the IT Helpdesk for every single, tiny weenie problem?

Very little I guess. But this is a problem with the way your
organisation works. Can't help you with that

Highlander185;2144059 Wrote:
> SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (i586)
> VERSION = 10

That's not the whole contents of the file, or at least it shouldn't be.
There should be a line that contains PATCHLEVEL. Hopefully it's 3 or 4.

Highlander185;2144059 Wrote:
> We are talking Belgian federal government here.

Have you checked that the government is installed? Last I heard it was
450 days after the elections and still no one had managed to install the
new government for Belgium. If you are working for the government but
you don't have a government installed, that might be why you're
experiencing poor IT support. If the government isn't installed, try
installing it and see if that resolves your problems. If you experience
difficulty whilst installing the government, try turning your parliament
off and then on again.

Highlander185;2144059 Wrote:
> I only want to avoid choosing the logically correct way to install a
> network printer myself and causing a total network system meltdown here
> :-)

If you can send a job to the printer and it prints, I really wouldn't
worry about it.

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