Here at work, we are using SLED 10 w/ KDE 3.5 (dated October 2008).

Several times I have asked our IT "help"desk if and how I, as a regular
user with a bit of Linux experience, can install a network printer
myself. But since they are always too busy (sic), I try it myself (...If
you want something done right... I'm sure some people know the

I seem to be able to install a printer myself as a limited user, and it
seems to work, but I am not certain that I choose the correct settings.
As I long ago once installed a network printer incorrectly back in
Windows 2000 (I wasn't aware that a network printer isn't a "network
printer" in Windows 2000... Microsoft logic, I assume), I now hesitate
to try out things myself without the proper knowledge on a system that
is not my own :-)

Therefor, I like to ask for help to install a network printer in SLED10
w/ KDE 3.5.

After installing a network printer, I get this:


Type: Local Printer
Description: LEXMARK T644 (Lexmark does not provide Linux printer
drivers, but the T644 seems to work well for a T654dn - at least the
test page came out fine).
URI-address: ipp://tckh197-has:631/printers/T65dn_DOES-THIS-WORK
Station: ipp://
Model: Lexmark T644 (English)


During the install, I chose "CUPS server (IPP/HTTP)" as "Backend
selection" (whatever this exactly means).

Also available is:
- LPD (something)
- Network printer (TCP)
- Network printer w/IPP (IPP/HTTP)

Is "CUPS server (IPP/HTTP)" the (a) right way to install the/any

For the record: I do not know the Administrator password (the
"help"desk refuses to tell me, of course).

Can anyone give me some advice? Much obliged, and thanks in advance,

- Highlander

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