I'm testing the upgrade to SLED 11 SP1 (yeah, I know it's a little
late) before deploying it to our more than 2000 clients in the first
trimester of 2012 and I'm having quite some trouble with Xorg's VNC
module xorg-x11-Xvnc.
I have this solution running perfectly on our SLED 11 machines with a
customized xorg.conf file which I made following instructions from here:
'Enabling VNC Server on startup of the X server with SLE 11'
but when I upgrade to SP1 this ceases working. First I simply got no
connection, so I applied the updates from patch 4626: 'NOVELL: Downloads
- xorg-x11-server 4626'
(http://download.novell.com/Download?...d=K9DjKhMJdH8~) and that gave
me back the possibility to connect, but now all I see is a black screen
(white if I connect from localhost with vncviewer).
Today I saw that there was a new patch from last Saturday, nr. 5294:
'NOVELL: Downloads - Xorg 5294'
I just applied these and I still have the same problem.

Thing I have tried:

- disabling password auth
- lower number of colors on the VNC client
- changing the client to protocol v 3.3
- digging through these forums and trying out lots of things like:

- Disabling IPv6
- moving xorg.conf options from one section to another

In my Xorg.0.log file I get stuff like this:


framebuffer updates 0, rectangles 0, bytes 0


Has anyone already had this problem and found a solution?

Thanks in advance

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