tabney;2180698 Wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Our current Maintenance SLA targets are just for initial response time.
> So yes, the time it takes us to initially get to your SR. The only
> difference today between Standard and Priority Maintenance support is
> the hours of coverage. Standard is 12x5 and Priority is 24x7.
> We don't include ongoing response targets in our service agreements.
> However, we do have internal targets for our Support teams to follow to
> help us along in the process. We expect our Support Engineers to
> contact you at least every 2 days if the SR is awaiting us every 5 days
> if awaiting the customer.
> We frequently review our Support Programs and Maintenance model. I'd
> be very interested in any ideas which would improve our Maintenance
> value for you and also what other vendors out there do that you would
> like us to do.
> Best Regards,
> Todd
> Todd Abney
> Director, Global Support and Customer Value Realization

Hi Todd and thanks for your answer,
if you at least get your support people to respond in the time of the
SLA then that would be a good start and after that we can talk about



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