Hi Folks,

I am in the middle of getting dokuwiki up and running on my SUSE 11 server, but ran into a php problem.

I followed a php guide to install php, and that pretty much said to:

zypper in php5 php5-mysql apache2-mod_php5 THEN use a2enmod php5( to enable the mod)

Everything works. and now I currently have php 5.2.14 installed. I went to try to install dokuwiki, and it says I need 5.3.3. I searched everywhere for a tutorial or guide or something to help me in upgrading and I cannot find anything. At this point, I am debating whether I should continue with the upgrade, or remove the old version and install a newer version. I am fine with either, but just wanted some more expert advice, or some good links to follow on doing either the upgrade or installing brand new.

Let me know if you guys need me to clarify anything.

Thanks in advance for you're help.