Hi Sakuranes,

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Hello Jens,

Yes you are right there is a file SDBINST.TGZ and I've extracted it already but then the installation fails with the Message that SDBINST.TGZ ist missed - means that the installer need this compressed archive as it is... I see that there is no Install.pm ind de SAPDB folder, where he search it... but its a folder deeper in the structure...
Perhaps I really should download the whole hana setup again...

Thanks for your help - if you have other tips please answer
if the installer script you're invoking is some bash script, have you tried running it via "bash -x yourscript"? That will turn on bash tracing and show what the script tries to do. Maybe that way you'll see some hint on what the author of the script intended to do, and find a way around the problem?

IOW - if I were in your position, I'd try to debug the installation script (at least the bash part)... that may take some time, but as it seems you're not getting any help from SAP, that may be your only chance to make it work.