I just did my first run on sles11sp4 -> sles12sp1 upgrade.
My host is a HP hw box, and I booted on the sles12sp1 dvd, select Upgrade. I get to the screen to "Select system to upgrade", which does not shown anything - tick at "Show all partitions" shows a lot of partitions (the host being a hypervisor host).

My disk layout for the host is:
Model: ATA ST2000DM001-1CH1 (scsi)
Disk /dev/sda: 2000GB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/4096B
Partition Table: msdos

Number  Start   End     Size    Type      File system     Flags
 1      1049kB  4294MB  4293MB  primary   linux-swap(v1)  raid, type=fd
 2      4294MB  541GB   537GB   primary   ext3            boot, raid, type=fd
 3      541GB   2000GB  1459GB  extended                  lba, type=0f
So the / is on a linux raid build from sda and sdb. But does not seem to be recognized?

Any thoughts?