On 03/16/2016 07:14 AM, ihopenscape wrote:
> No more need to test since I can clearly relate the Problem to the patch
> I mention before. Since we are switching to SP3 in the near future we
> can live with the behavior of rpm. (Problem not appear with packages in
> SP3 repo)

Maybe they were broken back then, which would make a little sense I
suppose. Since I cannot duplicate it with old or new systems, I cannot tell.

> The question is if the patch is broken or if the signatures are broken.
> I cannot tell and I am not sure where to fill a bug report :/

If the problem only exists prior to SP3 you'll likely not get a fix unless
on SP3 LTSS or SP4, and in those cases you already do not see the problem.
At this point I'd continue moving there and stick with the workaround in
the meantime.

Good luck.

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