My system is Suse Linux 11 PL3.

I need to enlarge my file system /dev/sdb1.

In my VM I enlarged /dev/sdb from 200GB to 300GB.

I went in to the YAST expert partitioner and tried to resize /dev/sdb1 to the new maximum. The partitioner can see the the additional storage.

But I got a message that says I need to unmount the file system.

I tried doing this using both Yast and umount but both times got a message that the system was in use.

What is the best way to get this filesystem resized?

I have read about changing the kernel parameters to boot in single user mode. I am a little wary of this because I don't want to end up with a problem booting. If this is the correct approach please provide and example of the change to make. But I have also read that the filesystem cannot be enlarged while the system is running at all.

One suggestion was that I would need to boot from ISO or CD to achieve this resize. If so how can I make or obtain a bootable ISO and how would it work?

Thanks for any help.