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I just finished the upgrade to SLED 11 SP2 and I
noticed that there were still two SP1 repositories enabled. I disabled
them and applied the any updates for SP2. Everything is working great
however, some of my software (i.e. Flash) are out of date. If I
reenable the SP1 repositories, there are a number of additional updates
available (all with SP1 in the name). These updates include Flash,
Firefox, Java, and a number of others. Should I or should I not include
the SP1 repositories? Thank you for your time and help.

Current Repository Status
Disabled Autorefresh SLE Likewise-5.3-Updates
Disabled Autorefresh SLED11-Extras
Disabled NoAutorefresh SLED11-SP1-Pool (ORIGINALLY ENABLED)
Disabled NoAutorefresh SLED11-SP1-Updates (ORIGINALLY ENABLED)
Enabled Autorefresh SLED11-SP2-Core
Enabled Autorefresh SLED11-SP2-Updates
Have a look at TID 7010225 which explains the new structure, so yes
the two SP1 ones are still used.

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