this is my first contact with UEFI, GRUB2 and GPT.
We have a HP ML 350 G9 on which i like to install SLES 11 SP4.
I wondered that yast choosed elilo as boot loader, which i never saw before. Wikipedia says it's deprecated. I don't like using something which is deprecated. So i thought i choose GRUB2, which seems to be up-to-date. But in yast i can just choose GRUB (i think this is the legacy one), but yast complains GRUB can't operate with UEFI. I don't have a possibility to choose GRUB2 in yast. Is this by-design ?
I'd like to use GRUB2, UEFI and GPT. Why ? GPT is much better than the old partition table in the MBR (more partitions).
And UEFI and GRUB2 ? Well, sooner or later, you can't avoid. So i'd like to choose it now.
How can i use GRUB2 ? The package is already installed (automatically).