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Thread: How-to use YaST for Updates (help)

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    Ah, OK. Ditching the DVD repo was a good move. Have a look in YaST and you should find a module called Novell Customer Centre Configuration. Run that, give it your evaluation code, that should set up all the repos. Accessing the repos requires license (eval or purchased) so you can't just add add an url in YaST.
    yes, i tried that, i do get the text screen that asks for my reg email and activation code, but when i enter the activation code as seen in the portal i get a "invalid activation code" after it attempts to connect, this is why its confusing, i am using the code that is in the portal (the code that is the "product" code for the 60day support eval, etc). also, there were some notes somewhere (forget where) that says if you dont have activation code it will register with a 15day period, etc. i tried both and both ways failed. i will try again.
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