Hi everyone

I'm sitting the SUSE CLA (Certified Linux Administrator) 12 Exam (050-733) in just a few days.

I was wondering if there are any penalties for wrong answers to Exam questions? If you did not sit the CLA 12 Exam, maybe you could please tell if there were or are any penalties for wrong answers in previous CLA Exams - for instance, on the SUSE CLA 10 Exam (050-710) and/or on the SUSE CLA 11 Exam (050-720). I'm guessing that information would not be covered under the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), but if you believe/know that it is, do feel free to tell me that.

I have read the "CLA 12 Test Objectives" page - https://training.suse.com/certification/cla/cla-12/ - but that page does not mention anything about the Exam format.

I have also read the "Test Information - Training" page - https://www.novell.com/training/testinfo/testdata.html - but that page, as of today (Mar 27, 2016) still does not have any information about the 050-733 Exam and also does not mention if there are (or not) penalties for wrong answers on previous CLA Exams (050-710 / 050-720).

Thanks in advance

Ricardo Dias Marques
Twitter: '@ricmarques' (https://twitter.com/ricmarques)