We have installed SLED as VM and abuse it as terminal-server. Users can log on via RDP and from this linux-station can have a much wider internet-access than there is actually allowed from the normal windows-workstations due to security-concerns. When the pdf-results of this web-research are to be brought back into the normal network, the users are supposed to login from the SLED to the Netware-Server by the Novell Client and copy the pdf-files to their directories. Those are mapped with login-scripts and pop up in the SLED-home-dirs as P (private) and O (open). So far everything is fine and compares well to the windows-workstations, where via Zenworks only the same directories are visually presented.

What makes us a little concerned now is the fact, that from Nautilus in the file-browser there is a button with Novell-Services. When hitting this button, you get a top-down-view with servers, all volumes, directories and so on. Some do have restricted access and no harm could be done, but there are others, where access cannot be restricted due to overall-functions and that causes some grieve here.

Can this Novell-Services-Button and other possible ways to the same view be disabled?


Karl Kunze