We have run into an annoying problem with several recent attempts to install SLES 12 (and SLES 11 SP4) in pure 80 × 25 character mode. These installations will always be running the console and the multiscreens in 80 × 25 text format—graphics are neither needed or wanted.

During the opening stages of starting a scratch installation, we select text mode via the F3 drop-down menu and everything seems to be fine until the installation kernel is loaded and started. At that point, the display switches to a 1920 × 1080 high resolution format, producing a "text mode" but with impossibly small fonts. It is not possible to complete the installation, as nothing can be read, even on a 24 inch monitor. It appears that the installer is ignoring the F3 display mode selection.

We have extensively researched this matter and have not been able to come up with a means of keeping the display in the standard 80 × 25 text mode that older distributions offered during installation and subsequent system operation. Can anyone point us to information that will help us force the installation to stay in 80 × 25 text mode, as well as boot into that mode every time?

Thanks for your help!