New to btrfs and their snapshots. Been working with them on some test boxes and noticed that after large sets of patches getting applied the size of the snapshots can grow rapidly.
On SLES 11 we could comfortably keep / on 15 GB disks, we keep applications and users on other drives. Does anyone have rules of thumbs or sizing information for snapshot growth?
On one of our test boxes that had been 54% full before I installed patches earlier this month it went to 92% full because of the number of snapshots created during the patching.

I've looked around on line and can find docs on how snapshots work, but no best practices or things to watch out for.

I've seen some suggestion on here to reduce the number of snapshots kept, and that seems to make some sense, and would reduce the amount of drive space devoted to snapshots.

Any pointers, suggestions, or helpful links?