Simon Flood wrote:
> On 18/04/16 09:07, Günther Schwarz wrote:
>> Any recommendations with regard to VMware tools for SLED12 SP1 as a
>> guest? VMware says I should use open-vm, but with Workstation 12.1 I
>> will not get copy/paste to work. With the tools that come with
>> Workstation this will work, but then the advanced features of the
>> desktop integration are not available.

> Sounds like you need to decide which features are more (or less)
> important to you then go with whichever option provides that.

But I do want to have the cake and eat it as well ;-)
I may have to wait for the next version of the Hypervior. At the moment
I am running the tools that provide me with the clipboard and try to
live without the fancy desktop features.