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Thread: Repository URLs are not accessible when using: zypper

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    Repository URLs are not accessible when using: zypper


    I have the following problem.

    zypper ref and zypper in docker

    do not work. Instead I get the following errormessages:

    Dienst 'Advanced_Systems_Management_Module_12_x86_64' wird aktualisiert.
    Problem beim Abrufen der Repository-Indexdatei für Dienst 'Advanced_Systems_Management_Module_12_x86_64':
    Ungültiger Einhängepunkt des Mediums:

    Bitte überprüfen Sie, ob der URI gültig und zugänglich ist.

    In English that would mean sthg like:
    Service 'Advanced_Systems_Management_Module_12_x86_64' will be updated.
    Problem with the Repository-Index-file for service: 'Advanced_Systems_Management_Module_12_x86_64'
    Invalid Mount Point for the medium:

    Please check if the URI is valid and accessible.

    Do I need to add credentials somewhere on the server in order to submit the license to SUSE?

    Any help appreciated since it is kind of a blocker
    Thank you
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